Even in this tough economic climate, we can never invest enough in our people if we want them to do the best work of their lives.
--Pat Fallon, chairman and cofounder of Fallon Worldwide



When the Recession Ends,
Will You Have the Talent to Succeed?

"The current economic downturn has thrown the entire globe into turmoil. When we go into a crisis, we have to pay attention to the here and now, focusing on what will help us make it out of the situation. As a result, leaders around the world have shifted their focus to what their organizations need most during the crisis at hand. Smart organizations focus on both short- and long-term goals, recognizing the need for key talent to help them get through current tough times, while also ensuring the right talent is available once the recession ends." Read more

Leadership Training Gains Urgency Amid Stronger Economy

" Fearing a shortage of qualified managers as business picks up, some companies are bolstering leadership development efforts. Layoffs and training cutbacks in the past two years have thinned manager pipelines. And employers worry that baby boomers who postponed retirement during the recession will start to depart as recovering stock prices reinflate retirement funds. Already, some companies say they are finding they don't have the managers to spearhead new projects or step in for departing executives, a problem as companies try to shift into growth mode." Read more

Despite Cutbacks, Firms Invest in Developing Leaders
Companies Renew Focus on Employee Training, Betting That Strong Managers Will Help Through the Recovery

" Despite layoffs and recession starved budgets, many employers are investing in leadership-development programs, hoping not to be caught short of strong managers when the economy recovers. Identifying and grooming leaders is important in good times, says Bret Furio, senior vice president of consumer lifestyle for Philips Electronics North America. 'In times of crisis when the economy is struggling,' he adds, 'it's imperative.'" Read more

What are you doing today to prepare yourself for tomorrow's leadership challenges?






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